This innovative skincare purifier makes use of advanced light downloadtechnology that deeply penetrates into problem spots caused by acne. Its wavelength helps to relieve pain caused by inflammation and encourages microcirculation, boosting the metabolism of skin to encourage healing and tissues growth. Only 4.5 minutes a day to clear acne away!

· Advanced light technology acne purifier
· Reduces redness & inflammation
· Stimulates wound healing & tissues growth
· Portable, light, sleek & easy to use

Directions for use:

Red light emitted can penetrate 10 - 15mm depth of the dermis. The specific wavelength of 660nm helps relieve pain caused by skin inflammation. To see results, diligently shine on targeted area thrice daily. Each treatment is 1.5 minutes, hence 4.5 minutes a day is needed for optimum results. Hold device 3-5mm away from skin and treat on targeted areas.

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