Fancy a pain-free light treatment without the need to a trip to the facial salon? HEE Magic Duo features a fusion of brightening and magic-duo-resizecollagen boosting that helps your skin combat against the stresses of aging. Its advanced light technology helps to even out your skin tone while smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. Its portable packaging ensures easy convenience for use anywhere you go!

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· Brightening & collagen boosting light treatment
· Stimulates fibroblasts to encourage collagen production
· Tightens & enhances skin luminosity & radiance
· Portable, light, sleek & easy to use

Hee Magic Duo & box Hee Magic Duo - Full Box Contents

Directions for use

Shine on targeted area once daily for collagen boosting and twice for lightening of freckles and spots. For use on face, eye contour, lips, hands and neck.

For boosting of collagen: Each treatment is 1 minute. Hold device 3-5mm away from skin and treat on targeted areas.

For lightening of pigmentation: Each treatment is 1 minute. Hence, 2 minutes a day is needed to see results. Hold device 3-5mm away from skin and treat on targeted areas.

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